26 August, 2009

SCUBA Diving for "Oldies"

The following post was kindly provided by Anna whom I deeply admire for her extraordinary determination, commitment and adventurous spirit!! Anna is in her 70's but this does not seem to make the slightest difference. I had the honor and pleasure of diving with her in Tulamben (Bali) just over a year ago and I look forward to the next opportunity to dive with her again!


Earlier this year I gave a talk to a local Women’s Guild (women over 50) entitled SCUBA Diving for “Oldies”. Unsurprisingly the audience offered up no new trainees, but they are spreading the word among their children and grandchildren!
I started by describing the various types of diving and what fascinates me so much about the underwater world. Then, having taken along a full set of equipment, I explained each item in turn, getting them to pass it along so that they could all handle it. One strong lady was persuaded to be kitted up! Finally, I spoke about the illustrations I had brought: with no means of projecting photos or video, I had mounted pictures on 7 large cardboard sheets - each holding up to 10 photos - which were pinned on the wall. Each sheet had a different theme, e.g. Big Creatures, Tiny Beauties, Undersea Dangers, Coral Reef World. Some photos were my own, others were gratefully received from friends, and the remainder were from copyright-free websites.
Afterwards they said it was one of the best evenings they’d had all year !!

Anna Illingworth