23 June, 2009

The Next Big One after SharkWater

Yes, there seems to be some "justice" in life. Just when I was beginning to think that mainly dark, aggressive-looking, misunderstood predators like sharks were the only victims of human commercial viciousness and arrogance on the one side and human total ignorance on the other I have to revise my stance.
Does anyone remember Flipper? Yeah!! Flipper the lovely, friendly and super smart dolphin. The sea version of Rin Tin Tin and Lessie and Skippy's intellects all mixed together! That one! Well, like sharks even these, some of the most intelligent and friendly species on earth, are coming under severe threat.
Today the WWF issued a damning report for Cambodia and Laos regarding the worrying drop in the numbers of the already rare Mekong Dolphins (Irrawaddy Dolphins) which populate a 190Km stretch of this world-famous river. Due to man made pollutant regularly dumped in the river, these fresh-water dolphins are being pushed to the brink of extinction with only 60 to 70 healthy individuals remaining.
While both Cambodia and Laos have been good in banning and monitoring illegal net fishing and have also been able to turn the dolphins into a very successful and lucrative tourist attraction, these governments have been unable to monitor and regulate the dumping of illegal pollutants into the river. Personal gains over the greater good prevailing once again.
I had just about finishing reading about the plight of the Irrawaddy Dolphins when I finally get the time to click on to a link sent across by my friend Mark from Hong Kong.
The title and the trailer of this new documentary movie have got all of the ingredients of any major Hollywood block-buster movie but with a difference... it's reality!
To me "The Cove" is set to become the next in line in this genre following the great success and relevance of the revolutionary "SharkWater".
I strongly suggest a visit to the site where one not only can learn about the movie but also join the cause, support and donate.
So, if Don Lino (The Mafioso Shark in Shark Tales by DreamWorks) is not quite your type yet..... Do it for Flipper!!!

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Sandy said...

it is unfortunate that the lovely "Heroes actress" in the film has been relatively quiet about it. She is in a prime position to attract moe attention to this