15 June, 2009

A Dive with a Difference in Hong Kong

The following post was kindly contributed by Ken Chan.
Ken Chan is a veteran diving instructor currently based in Hong Kong and one of the founding members of the Sandy Bottoms Divers Club. If you live in Hong Kong or if you are just passing by and have time for a dive or two you should definitely check them out:
As the boat leaves the pier, divers start setting up their gear.
The usual islands appear in sight, those with the more popular sites, but the boat keeps going.

Time for the briefing. It looks like an UN -meeting, with nationalities from all over the world represented.

We're some of the lucky ones and enter the water first. As we go down the line I get excited, like a kid on Christmas morning. Breath slooooowly, relax!

5, 10, 15 Metres, still see nothing but water. Computer shows 20 Metres, what is that dark shadow I can see? The viz seems to be around the 7 mtr.

Water is seeping into my mask, I'm smiling and grinning like that kid.

I clear my mask and then………….

There she is, Hong Kong's newest dive site, a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet !

No……. the next line doesn't read like "…and then I woke up……".
Members of the "Sandy Bottom Divers" club in Hong Kong are trying to get an abandoned cargo-plane sunk as an artificial dive wreck.
A beacon of hope for marine life, at the otherwise barren mud bottom.

Crazy? Probably. Impossible? Well, as Captain Picard once said "Things are only impossible until they are not". Though Hong Kong is not known for diving nor for it’s environmental friendly practices, this might just work.

The Hong Kong Underwater Association (HKUA) has already shown their support.
I hope that the international dive community share SBD-ers’ enthusiasm and show their support.

How? Visit www.sinkthe747.com and sign the petition There is also a link to a site you can sent ideas/suggestion and offers of help to….

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