08 February, 2009

Updates from Scuba Seraya

The following is a recent update I received from Patrick Schwartz of Scuba Seraya in Tulamben - Bali
We are in the midst of the rainy season now. Most of the days we face 1 ½ meters wave action and visibility that truly reminds one of Bali – the thick part of Bali Coffee that is! That does not deter our current (and only) long term guests Karel Mestdagh and Sylvie De Burie from jumping back in several times a day and occasionally come back with pretty amazing stories that include – a real first at SSR and probably all of Tulamben – the sighting of dolphins at Deep Secrets.
Apart from that I decided – despite a terrible cash flow – to keep all staff on full employ and redeploy them to other duties, mostly in gardening and environs and renovations to have the resort in top shape by early April when – so I hope – bookings will pick up again.
We recently received a trip report from Judy Gandossi, a Canadian, who stayed at the resort with her family in December. I could not have described my resort better, and if all that Judy writes is true, then it appears that we have, after all, achieved something.
Go to the link below for her full report. You don’t have to read it all, but have a look anyway; it contains a lot of great pictures.
There are more reports from various guests; most notably a new article in the January issue of Ocean Geographic which is equally flattering, by Michael Aw, as well as Jorgen Rasmussen who won this years Underwater Journalist Award at the 35th ‘Festival Mondial De L’Image Sous Marine’ . Incidentally, Michael Aw walked away from this year’s event at Antibes with no less than 3 awards! We are now sorting such reports and will post links to them on our web site and we started work on our forum-like website http://www.serayasecret.com/ which should be coming online soon.
Do keep in touch!
Also do check out this series of tremendous shots taken by Michael Aw while diving in Tulamben!!

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