17 January, 2009

Is any more proof necessary?

While surfing YouTube I came across this amazing video. Watch it carefully. Apart from the tremendous skill the dolphin is putting on display is creating perfect air circles and juggling with them magically underwater deciding when to reduce them in size or blow them off, there is something more put on display here, something which is even more magical, intriguing, fascinating and down right "frightening"...... REAL INTELLIGENCE and FEELING, JOY, CURIOSITY and INTERACTION at play. I say frightening because dolphins like many other equally intelligent marine mammals are being killed on a regular basis along with many other marine creatures which, perhaps to a lesser degree, also display signs of intelligence and which, even if they do not, are an integral part of the very foundations on which our planet and our very existence are built upon. We are not alone out there! Perhaps our quest for other intelligent beings should not be focusing as far away as Mars and distant galaxies. It is RIGHT HERE!! Under our noses!!! By the way, I always felt like a whiz whenever blowing air circles underwater towards the end of a dive.... I am whiz no more!

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