09 October, 2008

Killing Whales for Scientific Research?

During a recent visit to Japan I came across a few restaurants and food shops specializing in the sale of Whale meat.

In Japan 14% of the Japanese are against whaling. Only 11% are for it. The remaining 75% has no opinion.

It is really hard to understand what kind of political pressures can allow a government like the one of Japan to allow the slaugther to continue. Perhaps the same kind which allow the US government to maintain a very open policy on guns control?

What I am trying to say is that instead of trying to stigmatize one particular government for lack of action in areas such as the preservation of human lives (US) and the preservation of whales (Japan), we, as individuals, should do more to shake up into participative action the sleepy majorities whom, while appearing not to have any particular opinion, are actually basking in total ignorance about the consequences their lack of opinion and involvement can mean for all.

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