05 October, 2008

Can You Help With Our Jellyfish Investigation?

The follwing post is in support of the Divers Alert Network (DAN) Asia Pacific reserach on the increase in the number of dangerous jellyfish and related accidents particularly in waters around Thailand and the Philippines:

There has been an increase in reported serious jellyfish stings in Thailand, and possibly elsewhere in Asia. We have received several great photos of jellyfish, some being very dangerous species found in Thailand and the Philippines. It is important to track where these creatures are. To this end, DAN AP encourages any underwater photographers in Asia, especially Thailand, to photograph any jellyfish they see on a dive and email a copy of the photo to us. This will help to increase our understanding and to better catalogue the potentially dangerous species present in parts of our region and so help to establish appropriate prevention and management strategies. The photos can be emailed directly to johnl@danasiapacific.org.

Many thanks for your help with this important project.

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