11 June, 2008

Tulamben Impressions Part IV

This is the 4th part of a 6-installment series of the best pictures taken on a recent trip to Tulamben (Bali). Together with one the expert resident guides of Scuba Seraya Resort (SSR) I went for a very early morning dive at Alamanda, only 5 minutes from the resort by speed boat. I had a good feeling that morning about diving at Alamanda and, I guess, that feeling proved right when we spotted a couple of fairly large black-tip sharks roaming the reefs. I took some footage at about 37m deep but being early in the morning it did not turn out so clear. We also caught a glimpse of a large tuna out in the blue but the presence of the sharks made it nervous and it disappeared pretty quickly.

Later on, on the same dive, while levelling at shallower depths, a large school of hump-head parrot fish came our way. I reckon they were the same ones that normally roam around the Liberty wreck early in the morning and that they may have been disturbed by the first divers of the day which forced them to move east. At first they looked rather nervous (may it have been the sharks again?) but after a little while they settled down and allowed us pretty close up, just swimming next to them until it was time to go up.

One of the resident boxer crabs at Seraya Secrets also stand out in my mind. Seraya Secrets is one of the best spots in the area for macro, in my opinion it is at its very best when dived at night but it has plenty to offer during the day as well. Like Clown Fish, Boxer Crabs have got tremendous courage given their size. They stand their ground hardly wavering under the gaze of giants like us!! I like it!
All pictures in this post, unless stated otherwise, were taken by Marco Gorin who retains their copyrights. Pictures taken with an Olympus camera Miu795SW in underwater case PT-035.

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