01 June, 2008

Tulamben Impressions Part III

This is the third instalment of a six-part series of pictures taken on a recent diving trip to Tulamben (Bali). These were taken over a series of early morning dives at the world-famous dive site of the Liberty Wreck, probably the largest, most easily accessible wreck on earth.

Over the years I must have done over 20 dives over the Liberty. Early morning, afternoon, night, rainy days, sunny days, calm seas days, rough seas days dives. Changing light, changing currents, teeming underwater life in perennial motion this place is one of my favorite dive spots.

The huge cargo hall (click on the link to check out an amazing 360 degrees picture!!) now set at such a steep angle, always hold something magical for me especially when diving at night with my torch off and surrounded by Flashlight Fish and bio luminescence. It is a massive metal structure which over the decades has taken a lot of battering from Japanese torpedoes, volcanic lava, stormy seas and water erosion. Every time I enter the cargo hall or perform some of the other penetrations I wonder how long it will be before it all comes crushing down in a big cloud of sand.

For now I wish to continue to visit it, its resident Barracuda and school of Jacks and pick out some detail that went unnoticed on the previous dive.

All pictures were taken by Marco Gorin with a Olympus Miu 795SW in an Olympus PT-035 case. Copyrights apply.

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