18 May, 2008

The Hydro Sapiens Evolution at the Thailand Travel & Dive Expo 2008

The 2008 Thailand Travel and Dive Expo was on in Bangkok between 15 – 18 May. I was there roaming the various stands in search of something new and innovative… What caught my eye on this occasion was not some piece of high-tech or cleverly designed dive gear but some very cool wear with very cool designs by Hydro Sapiens!

Personally I have always had a revulsion for wearing t-shirts bearing logos like “I HAVE BEEN DIVING AT….”. It may be the fact that I am originally from Italy and that, like most Italians, I am obsessed with appearance and style, but until now I had never come across someone who could come up with some diving-related apparel I could comfortably wear even when not on diving outings in the knowledge of being up to scratch with the latest street wear!!

A diving David, a Stealth Manta, a Narcosis Beer or a Golfing Frog Man are just some of their cool designs. They told me Hydro Sapiens is the result of a combination of passion for diving and design. They debuted at the Thailand Travel and Dive Show.

Thank you Ken, Lek and Jiw and keep us informed on any news at your end!!

Another good find at the show was with the guys from Pacific Dome Travel Network who are offering some very hot deals for dive packages to East Malaysia:

Mataking - Reef Day

Depart: 6 Jun 08 and Return: 9/10 Jun 08
4 Days and 3 Nights @RM1,700 (Malaysian)
5 Days and 4 Nights @RM2,000 (Malaysian)

Kapalai Dive Resort (Good platform to explore Sipadan as well)

Depart: 14 Nov 08 and Return: 18 Nov 08
5 Days and 4 Nights
RM2,300 Malaysians & Foreign Friends RM2,806

Thank you Alan for the information and keep us up-to-date with other packages and news!! Alan can be contacted directly at alan@divepacificdome.net .

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