20 April, 2008

Sharks - What are you waiting for?

While living in Hong Kong for a few years before moving to Thailand the sight of thousands of dried shark fins lining the windows of specialized shops and restaurants was a sad testimony to the pledge of these incredible creatures. Take a stroll down the streets of China Town in Bangkok and the scene is not much different. Shark finning is literally pushing an animal species which has roamed the oceans for the past 400 million years to absolute extinction!

While the plight of the shark was a known fact to me, it was not until I watched the documentary movie SHARKWATER - (Thanks Alex!!!) – that I realized that, like many other people, I had been basking in absolute ignorance of how complex and deadly this affair really is and what bunch of primates totally out of control a good part of human kind truly is.

This documentary movie is an absolute must-be-seen masterpiece. The photography is breath-taking, the plot is thrilling and, because so real, made me absolutely mad, sad and hopeful at the same time. I am not afraid to confess that it made some very deep feelings swell from within and drove me to tears.

Profiteering from shark finning is second only to the traffiking of illegal drugs! A true mafia network is out there colluding with mercenary governments while sharks of all sizes and species are being sterminated and while the rest of the world is busy trying to save other species of animals which do not suffer from such misrepresented and stigmatized identity as the one of sharks.

So here is what you can do to make a world of difference:

1) Watch the movie but make sure you buy an original copy as part of the profits will actually go towards the cause and not in the pockets of the same mafia which is profiteering from shark finning!!!!! Support the cause, get the dvd, show it to people, and help us push the movement to save the oceans. We don’t need to hug trees anymore, we need a revolution, and that necessitates your help.

2) Sign up for Save the Sharks petition.

3) Visit Savingsharks.com


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Alexander Markowetz said...

My university (HKUST), I am glad to say, banned all shark products from campus. Other unis, like HKU or Polytechnic took up similar policies. HKUST graduates around 1.000 students a year, giving us significant leverage of shaping HK's policy and eating habits. Next stop, I plan to co-author some articles on finning, for our campus publications.