28 April, 2008

How Fit are You for Diving?

I now hold some 13 diving certification cards and I cannot help noticing how little emphasis is given to the subject of fitness in diving in the various certification level courses I have put myself through.

Certainly it is good that leisure diving as most know it has become a global phenomenon, a billion-dollar industry which can offer memorable and educational experiences to all who are willing to take the plunge. However, not many people seem to realize that, while the adjective "leisure" in diving portraits an image of peacefully finning along colorful coral reefs, the sport can quickly turn into a strenuous activity for both the body and the mind especially when the elements decide to disregard our leisurely attitude towards diving.

While diving skills and experience play an extremely vital role in making our chosen leisure activity a safe one, so does fitness. Leisure Scuba Diving is a sport and like all sports it requires an appropriate level of commitment to being fit not only to get more fun out of it but, more importantly, to practice it safely by minimizing the danger of being caught unprepared when that extra stamina can make a difference between an exciting story to tell and a potentially tragic story to be remembered by.

Excercising is easy, it only requires some true commitment and a workable fitness plan that can fit around individual lifestyles. A well structured 40 - 50 minute exercise session 4 to 5 times a week can make a huge difference with evident benefits not only in the diving area and without necessarily requiring one to take up a membership at the gym!

Personally I learnt a lot about fitness for diving reading a manual called "Fitness for Divers" by Cameron L. Martz.
So..... how fit are you for diving? You can get an electronic copy of it directly from the author for as little as USD19.95 which, to me, is a small price to pay if you need some structure to your exercise routines.

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