08 April, 2008

Everything has to Start Somewhere

I guess if George Mallory had been a deep sea diver instead of a high altitude climber his famous answer would have still been the same: "Because it is there".

Why do I dive?

I am not Mallory and to me it must be more than just because it is there. It is the people I dive with, it is the places where I dive, it is the challenge, the emotions, the technique and sometimes the fear. It is also things that may go back to when I was in my mother's womb and perfectly capable of surviving in fluid without any technical aid; or it may be something even more primordial, something going back to the dawn of time where the first creatures from the sea mutated into amphibians beings capable to survive and prosper both below and above the water line.

So why this blog?

Mallory would have probably said: "Why not?"....... Well said Mr. Mallory! but to me this blog is also an experiment. No matter if you have been diving for a long or a short time, when you go diving, like when you go climbing, you always come across like-minded people, unique individuals with their unique stories to tell and experiences to share or regular folks with a great sense of humor and comraderie. This blog is not intended to be "my" blog but, hopefully, "your" blog too. A meeting place for like-minded people with a passion for the big blue. A platform for sharing experiences, thoughts, humor and dreams that eventually will come true.

In any case..... there you go. If you are interested in becoming an author on this blog let me know. If you want to just make comments to the posts, be my guest. If you just want to browse that's also fine... whatever suits you. From my part I will do my best to keep it current, keep it interesting and, as Ali G would say... Keep it real!

The picture above is of a 6m Whale Shark and was taken while diving at Richelieu Rock, Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand in February 2007.

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Alexander Markowetz said...


Great you started this blog, so we can keep track of each others aquatic activities. The HK waters are finally warming up, and I expect to spend the better part of next weekend underwater.

Keep posting.